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Menu 15.04.2024 to 19.04.2024  
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Starter Tuna salad with olives, beans and yoghurt dressing  Sausage salad Swiss style  Leaf salad with feta  Salad Nicoise salad with tuna fish  Cold beef salad with pepper stripes 
Artichokes with sauce vinaigrette  Tyrolean grey cheese soup   Sliced turkey breast on leaf salad  Bean salad with pears  Vegetable sticks with spicy avocado dip 
  Tatar of salmon with tomatoes and cucumbers       
Soup Zucchini cream soup  Bouillon with noodles  Cream soup "Inn valley"  Carrot cream soup   
Bouillon with pancake stripes    Bouillon "Xavier"  Bouillon with vegetables   
Plain fare Breaded meat loaf filled with ham and cheese, potato salad besides  Pancakes filled with curd cheese, vanilla sauce besides  Vegan chick peas-lentil hotpot with potatoes and root vegetable  Meat patties with cream sauce and rice besides  Fried sausage with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes 
vegetarian Potato noodles with mushrooms and vegetable  Vegetable patties with spelt herb sauce, couscous risotto besides   Potato-sauerkraut-fritters with herb-creme fraiche- dip and seasonal salad   Risotto with olives, zucchini, parmesan and rocket sauce   
Pasta with salmon, dill and white wine sauce  Pasta with ham, bacon, vegetables, pesto and tomato sauce   Fried Mie Noodels Thai Style, with vegetable in curry-coconut-sauce (spicy)  Pasta with mushrooms, peas, chicken stripes in chervil - cilantro sauce   Pasta filled with spinach and broccoli, gratinated with tomato slices 
Spicy turkey stew with beans, rice besides  Fillet of cod fish in paprika sauce, seasonal vegetables and buttered potatoes besides   Chicken stew with peanuts, peppers and peapods, basmati rice besides  Boiled beef with bread-horseradish, bouillon potatoes and vegetables besides   Pollock meuniere with vegetable-bulgur- ragout and chili lemon sauce besides 
Meat / Fish Pork escalope in a coat of courgettes and potatoes, cream sauce and vegetable rice  Breaded turkey escalope with French fries   Roast lamb Greek style in garlic sauce with olives, tomatoes and peppers, potatoes besides  Creamy veal goulash with spaetzle and vegetables besides  Spare ribs with French fries 
Dessert Cherry cake  Crème Brûlée with lavender  Tiramisu  Panna Cotta  Chocolate mousse 
Blue berry butter milk creme  Fruits  Creme with strawberries and sour cream  Elderberry cream  Mango-Lasso with ginger 
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