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Menu 27.11.2023 to 01.12.2023  
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Starter Herring salad with onions, apples and pickles  Wrap with beef and tuna sauce  Tuna salad  Insalata Caprese (tomatoes, mozzarella, basil)  Ham rolls with filled with cream cheese 
Wrap filled with smoked salmon and chimichurri  Ceasar-Salad with grilled filet of chicken  Melon with raw ham (ham Parma style)  Chicken salad Indian Style with fruits and curry dressing  Vegan Wrap stuffed with hummus and vegetable, with bean salad and beetroot Espuma 
Soup Bouillon with cheese dumpling  Chicken cream soup  Bouillon with pancake stripes  Mushroom cream soup  Bouillon with pasta 
Cream soup of broccoli  Bouillon with fried batter pearls  Clear vegetable soup  Cheese cream soup   
Plain fare Potato noodles with butter and poppy-seeds  Spinach cheese dumplings with creamy savoy  Pork liver Zillertal style with boiled potatoes  Dumplings filled with greave, sauerkraut besides  Vegan potato-cabbage strudel with tomato sauce and beans ragout 
vegetarian Cheese medaillons with salad  Vegetarian Moussaka with potatoes, leek, leaf spinach and feta, tomato ragout with herbs  Pumpkin-Ricotta-Frittata with Grana Padana and seasonal vegetable  Vegan potato-cabbage strudel with tomato sauce and beans ragout  Whole grain pancake filled with spinach, sheep cheese, chervil yoghurt sauce and seasonal vegetables besides 
Pasta with cheese sauce   Pasta with spinach, rocket, vegetable stripes and gorgonzola sauce  Lasagne  Meat balls in tomato sauce and rice with herbs  Pasta with tomatised beluga lentils, celery, pepperoni and tomatoes 
Bami Goreng - Indonesian noodle dish with chicken stripes, shrimps and vegetables   Pike perch mediterranian style with  Roasted chicken breast with vegetable, rosmary sauce and rice  Beef stew "Mexico" with sweet corn, red kidney beans and peppers, rice besides  Steamed filet of salmon trout with dill, mushrooms, zucchini and parsley potatoes 
Meat / Fish Beef steak with herb butter and French fries  Braised leg of venison with cognac sauce, spaetzle and red cabbage with apple   Braised beef in red wine sauce, pasta and vegetable stripes besides  Fish & Chips, mashed peas with mint and sauce remoulade  Chicken wings with French fries and Barbecue sauce 
Dessert Pears with chocolate sauce and vanilla cream  Creme caramell  Curd cheese cream with blue beery  Chocolate cake with whipped cream  Mango yoghurt mousse 
Panna Cotta with raspberry sauce  Raspberry butter milk cream  Fruits  Red berry compote with vanilla foam  Fruit salad 
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