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Menu 17.06.2024 to 21.06.2024  
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Starter Pasta salad with zucchini, rocket and leek  Smoked salmon with cold horseradish cream  Tuna salad with olives, beans and yoghurt dressing    Insalata Caprese (tomatoes, mozzarella, basil) 
Chicken filet with cocktail sauce  Orange fennel salad with sliced chicken filet   Wrap with guacamole     
Soup Bouillon with fried batter pearls  Beetroot soup with sour cream  Asparagus cream soup    Carrot cream soup 
Spelt grain soup  Semolina soup   Clear vegetable soup "Shanghai"     
Plain fare          
vegetarian Vegetable risotto with chanterelles and mushrooms   Stuffed pepper, with tomato sauce, buttered potatoes and vegetables besides   Wild garlic-cheese dumplings with yellow lentils and roasted nuts     Lentil -chick peas-vegetable stew with Thai-curry sauce, rice besides 
Greek dish with minced porc and beef and eggplants, with tomato sauce  Pasta with zucchini, garlic, mushroooms and herbs in white wine sauce  Stuffed pasta (beef) with leek, ham, cream and cheese     
Hake filet with dill sauce, ratatouille and buttered potatoes besides  Turkey ragout with vegetables and rice besides   Fried codfish with Caponata Catanese and basmati rice    Pangasius filet with coconut curry, wok vegetables and jasmine rice besides 
Meat / Fish Glazed roast veal with rosemary jus, rice and vegetables besides   Sous-Vide cooked beef with apple horesraddish, prinzess beans and roasted potatoes besides   Turkey escalope coated with cheese and egg, served with tomato spaghetti and rocket    Viennese breaded chicken with potato salad 
Dessert Almond cake  Vanilla pudding  White chocolate mousse    Fruits 
Blue berry butter milk creme  Chocolate cake with egg liqueur  Semolina porridge with blueberry sauce    Yoghurt curd cheese cream with wild berries 
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